Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The beginning of August...really?

I can't believe it. 3 months have gone by without me blogging. I have been procrastinating about blogging, but not actually blogging...I suppose it hasn't become a habit yet, and I really would like it to. But instead of beating myself up about having to try and catch up on the last 3 months I think I will just carry on from where I am now.
The weather hasn't been too kind to us so far this summer and there has been an enormous amount of rain as well as a couple of hot days - not many of those though. We have, however, had some spectacular rainbows as a result of this odd weather!
 All the rain and cloudy skies are not good for the mood though, as I do seem to be affected by the seasons but I don't expect my winter mood to rear it's ugly head in July!
In other news, we are looking to move house in the not too distant future, hopefully to Whitstable, which is about half an hours drive from where we live now, but all that's dependent on getting planning permission on our current house.
 That was turned down last month, which was quite disappointing, especially as we had found a house that we liked already. Anyway, new plans will be drawn up and a new planning application made so fingers crossed...In the meantime we will keep visiting Whitstable as much as we can and dream of the future!
A new hookey project is in progress, I decided that I need to have a little picnic blanket and as I have a lovely selection of Stylecraft yarn it will be a colourful, flowery granny square blanket.
It will be similar to one I already have (which I made a couple of years ago) and always want to take outside to sit on, but then I don't want to ruin it for indoor use. So a new one was called for.
The last one I finished was this one, I made it for No.2 son and called it his "Jubilee Blanket", for obvious reasons.
I think he liked it!
Anyway, must go as I have a ton of things to do, will try to be a better blogger from now on! ;)

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