Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Beginning of May...

The weather in our little corner of Kent continues to be fairly miserable (my OH tells me that weather can't be miserable as it doesn't have any emotions but it certainly makes me feel miserable!) and this has been the view from my backdoor a lot of the time.

We did have a few hours of sun on Monday though so we decided that in the afternoon we would sneak a couple of hours to go to Whitstable, just long enough for OH to go for a run along the beach (I walked instead!) and to have Fish & Chips afterwards.

The sun didn't last too long and by the time we left it had started to rain again.
Our planned trip to Penshurst Place DID take place, we had a lovely day with our friends and although most of the art and craft was beyond our price range we enjoyed looking around, trying loads of different foods in the food tents, having lunch together and just generally spending time together.
As my friend is a recently qualified Falconer we were particularly excited to see some birds of prey at the show.
This little Peregrin Falcon was just too cute for words!
I can't remember what type of owl this little guy was but he was very vocal.
I have always had a thing about vultures (I think it's ever since the first time I watched "Jungle Book" - go figure! :)
In other news, as the weather is generally preventing a lot of outdoor activities this means that there is always a little time for crafting so I have been making some progress with what I call my "Domestic Album". It doesn't contain any photos at the moment but I think I will use it for photos from our upcoming (as in next week) trip to Germany for my Mum's 70th.
And that's all for today as there are a gazillion other things I should be doing! Bye for now!x

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