Tuesday, 1 May 2012


So on Sunday we finally managed to go and find some bluebells in the woods!
For a start I absolutely love the woods (I think that, being from Germany originally, I must have that Brothers-Grimm-Fairytale-Mentality in the blood!) and I love nothing more than being beneath those tall trees with beams of light coming through the foliage. Not that there is a great deal of sunlight to be found at the moment with all the downpours we are having. We did somehow manage to avoid the showers though.
It took us a couple of attempts to find some bluebells but we persevered and were richly rewarded.

I also had a little play with a Tando frame I bought at a crop a while ago, I was in the mood to create something girly and pretty and ended up with something that really made me feel quite happy and cheerful. I get totally lost in my own little world when I work on something like this.

If only every day could be a crafting day! But at least we have a long weekend to look forward to this week, although the weather doesn't look too promising at the moment! We are hoping to catch up with some lovely friends on Saturday and the plan was to go to a craft fair but the weather will dictate whether we go there or somewhere more indoor-sy. And if the weather stays as it is there will definitely some crafting on the Sunday or Monday! ;)

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