Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Summer Days

We managed to spend another lovely afternoon/evening by the seaside (in Whitstable, naturally), my OH went for a long run and I took myself off for a slightly more leisurely walk. First through the High Street - though (probably thankfully!) the shops were just closing- then for a coffee and a read in Costa, and then for a walk along the beach. I am always looking for treasure, whether walking in the woods, along the beach or anywhere else, which stems from the fact that I've dreamt of being an Archaeologist for most of my life but never got round to the studying bit! I didn't find any treasure on this particular day though.
All this was followed by finding a bench in the evening sun and more reading whilst waiting for OH - he goes for fairly long runs by the way - just in case you were wondering! We both had Fish and Chips by the beach, accompanied by the most delicious and refreshing glass (plastic cup) of Shandy, just perfect.
On the way home we stopped to watch the most beautiful sunset, which was simply breathtaking.

Tonight No 1 son and his girlfriend from Barcelona will return from their trip to Hungary (how cosmopolitan are they??) and will both stay with us for a week. Then on Monday my Mum and niece will be flying over from Germany to stay with us for a week so we will have a very full house for a few days. No doubt there will be trips to London, Whitstable and possibly Bluewater as teenage niece wants to go clothes shopping! Maybe I should get back to getting the house ready...?

Until next time! Much love. Angie x

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