Wednesday, 4 June 2014


This week I started running out of the wool I'm using for my current blankie project (which around here is known as the "Seaside Ripple"). After some deliberation about whether to order some more wool or not I decided not to, as it's getting a bit too warm to be working on a ripple blanket, where the whole thing is resting on your lap and legs all of the time. I considered starting another granny square blanket, started looking at patterns and yarns etc. but then thought: "what am I doing? I have a whole room full of crafty stuff, why don't I use something I've already got?" That's when I remembered my box of felt, sequins and embroidery thread, found my felties pattern books and set to work. I've never used a sewing machine other than at school but I love sewing by hand, especially in the evenings in front of the telly. Or absolutely any other time for that matter. I just love being creative. I seem to think of little else during the course of the average day. Am I obsessed? I like to think I'm passionate!!

Aaanyway, I set to work and over the last week I have created these two lovelies:
"Mushroom Girl"

"The Mermaid"

I'm totally in love with Mushroom Girl but a little unsure about the Mermaid's large head (and Danny asked why her hair looked like a Smurf - remember those??) I did thoroughly enjoy making them and am already halfway through making the next one. Pictures to follow!

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