Friday, 16 May 2014

Travelling and Scrapping...

Last week I decided -more or less on the spur of the moment- to visit our youngest son in Oxford. He is coming to the end of his studies (in fact he had his last exam yesterday) and as my OH would be passing through there I would be able to get a lift back home.

I travelled from our home in Kent to Victoria Station in London and then on a bus called The Oxford Tube all the way to Oxford. My OH is a confirmed car driver but I'm quite happy to travel the way I did - as far as I'm concerned there's always something to see and if there isn't there's always something to read!

I spent a lovely afternoon walking round Oxford with my son, as well as fitting in some lunch and coffee. Oxford is such a beautiful place and I can't get enough of all the gorgeous buildings - sadly my son wasn't keen to be in any of my photos!

My OH met up with us in the evening, we all went for dinner and then on to the theater to watch "Pygmalion", which may make us all sound very cultured and posh (which is really not the case!), but No 2 son has been wanting to go to the theater in Oxford for ages, and "Pygmalion" happened to be on - and was very enjoyable and funny.

This week I have managed to squeeze in some scrapping too, I'm definitely getting back to my crafty self and my craft room is also coming along nicely (note to self: take some pictures!).
I went through a phase of experimenting with brighter colours and even some pastels but have come to the conclusion that these are not my thing and that I should stick with what I like, i.e. kraft, slightly darker, distressed, grungy, vintage or retro kind of layouts like the ones in the pictures below. I'm back!!

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