Wednesday, 1 May 2013

April - where did it go?

April is a busy time in our family as it's my husband's birthday as well as both of our son's birthdays - and invariably Easter is usually somewhere in the mix! This year was my OH's 50th, so an extra special birthday and both boys managed to come home for it so we had a lovely family day.

The weather in our little corner of the world is still very changeable and unpredictable, there doesn't seem to be so much rain anymore and we even seem to be getting the occasional ray of sunshine but boy, the wind is dominating everything now and it's oh-so-cold! Every time I open the door to leave the house the door almost gets ripped out of my hand!

We are STILL in the process of house-selling/house-buying and as I can be  little superstitious that's all I'm going to say at this point! It does mean, however, that crafting has taken a real back seat due to all the other things that are going on and I'm managing to keep on top of the scrapping addiction with my Project Life, it's been my salvation. As it's only a small album I don't feel guilty about making a little time every weekend to satisfy my creative urges! I can't wait for the day I can surround myself with all of my stash again though!

I joined the lovely Julie Kirk's "Push-up bra approach to blogging" a few weeks ago, I love her humorous style of writing and this series has been so informative and thought-provoking for someone like me who really wants to blog but just procrastinates about it most of the time. I really recommend it to any of you out there who like the idea of blogging but - like me - aren't really sure where to start. I also love that, instead of charging for this class Julie is encouraging everyone to donate to her Just Giving page in aid of "Save the Children". 

Again, I'm unable at the moment to give this the time it deserves and the time I want to give to it, but I'm making notes (in my shiny new notebook!!) for when I have a little more time on my hands again. There are so many good ideas to work through...

Well it's back to the mundane stuff for me for now, hope you're all well out there in blog land!

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