Friday, 9 March 2012

A little break

My other half has been working on Angelsey for a week, and as I am lucky enought to work part time from home, and my work is pretty much all done on a laptop, I have been able to join him. I have had quite a bit of time to myself and I made sure I brought some crafting stuff and some hookey, so in truth it's been a bit of a holiday for me really.
The weather has been a pretty mixed bag, windy more than anything and here is a picture of me out on a little stroll along the beach!
It was also veeery sunny, so the rays of light in the picture weren't deliberate - but I actually quite like them!
We are staying in a nice B&B in a huge room so I've been able to come and go as I please and spread out my craft stuff etc, read, watch a bit of TV - it has been quite blissful...
I brought a couple of chipboard books, an Easter paper pad and stickers with me and managed to make two Easter albums. All my family come over from Germany each Easter and I decided that I would prepare some albums as presents for them, which I will hopefully be able to fill with this year's photos of their stay before they go back so these albums aren't quite the finished article yet.

Not the best pictures in the world as they were taken with my I Phone by the window!
Now the weekend is nearly upon us, which the other half is very happy about, he has just got in from work very tired after a long week and now also full of cold so I'm off to administer some TLC. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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