Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The joys of spring...

I've spent a long time (almost a year!) deliberating whether writing a blog is really for me.
I'm still not sure. So I'm just going to give it another go. It's not that I don't like the idea per se, I'm just not organized enough. I still procrastinate like I've always done. 
This year is my 50th year and I very much want to make some changes, get fitter and healthier (I have made a start on that), explore mindfulness (this is something I keep dipping in and out of but don't seem to be able to commit to on a regular basis), take a photo each day, write in my art journal each day, continue with a Project Life type of project, continue with Postcrossing and therein lies the problem - I spend time doing one thing and forget about another. I need some structure but I'm sooo not good at having a routine. Maybe I will make a list...
Are there any other disorganized people like me out there??

As for the joys of spring, the Kent countryside around us is at it's very best at this time of year. I love it and I like to spend as much time as possible out and about exploring it. I especially love apple blossom and bluebells. We saw many beautiful places over the bank holiday weekend. I can't wait or the next one...

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  1. Both blogging and art journaling are good for the soul. Hope you continue with both. Cheers!