Sunday, 7 October 2012


I really am feeling stressed. It's been a funny weekend. Not "haha" funny - just "not great" funny.
Sometimes it's so tempting to just come here and vent, but it's really not something I want to do, at least not about anything specific. Today however, I definitely just needed somewhere to go and SCREAM! So here I am. 

Life definitely seems to move in cycles, and more often than not I seem to plod along quite happily just living  my life and doing my thing. But then little things start to annoy me, storm clouds begin to gather and they begin to accumulate...until I finally feel that I am totally being taken for granted, not listened to and that my opinion doesn't count for anything. Which is how I am feeling today. 
I know it will blow over and the sun will come out from behind the clouds. (See what I've done there?) I know that I will most probably laugh at myself in a few days but when you are in the moment you start to question everything.
Does anyone else feel like this?

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